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A song from an upcoming Malayalam film and a young actor it features are breaking the internet and redefining its 'trending' staples.

The video of Manikya malaraya poovi, the song from the film Oru Adaar Love, has clocked a staggering seven million views on YouTube in three days. The song has set off thousands of memes, almost all featuring the girl who does the star turn in just about 20 seconds - 18-year-old Priya Prakash Varrier, from Thrissur.

Even as the less enthused pause and wonder what the fuss is all about, the actor is touching insane levels of internet popularity across the country and beyond; some of the emerging news stories describe her as #nationalcrush. Telugu superstar Allu Arjun shared the video on his official Twitter page and called it the "cutest" he has seen in recent times. And on Instagram, Priya's follower count has passed 1.4 million.

The song composed by Shaan Rahman - who also gave last year's sensational hit Jimikki kammal from the film Velipaadinte Pustakam - and sung by Vineet Sreenivasan opens with a musical performance at a school and later, traces what appears to be lead characters of a high school romance. The high point, as thousands have already proclaimed on the internet, comes when Priya's character makes some playful faces with a boy from the school and seals it with a wink.

Oru Adaar Love is directed by Omar Lulu and stars a host of newcomers.


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