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Environmental expert Dr Ali Khuraibet said truffles growing in the desert of Kuwait and other parts of the Arab Peninsula have numerous health benefits but they could be harmful if taken in excess, reports Al-Anba daily. For his part, Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs at the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Engineer Mohammad Al-Anzi says there’s no indication that the quantity of truffles in the market is too small. He noted the wildlife in Kuwait is influenced by many factors that negatively affect the growth of numerous plant species, adding truffl es grow in the desert based on two factors; the quantity of rainfall and suitable environment.

He reminded that this winter season did not witness much rainfall. He cited harmful activities practiced by desert-goers and the companies executing projects in the desert areas that affect the environment and evenness of the desert soil and makes it too delicate for some wild plants to thrive, including truffles.-A.T.


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