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Giridhar Gowd’s Dashavatara from Sunday

altEven in the 21st Century, there is no denying that India is a country that still swears by traditions that take origins in Puranas, mythology and superstitious beliefs.

This is more so with the creative outpourings by eminent artistes and writers, who regale the patrons with their exemplary works, be it by way of paintings, sculptures or usage of words, including prose and poetry. The form of expression varies but many a great luminary has shown an inclination for recreating and bringing alive stories found in epics and mythology.

The eminently multi-talented R Giridhar Gowd, a consistently brilliant artiste, belongs to this august genre. His visual art depictions, particularly miniature paintings and murals exemplify this trait and seem to take inspiration from the land’s obsessive beliefs in puranas, albeit in dimensions that sync with the mindset of generations of patrons.

Based at Garuvupalem in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh, Giridhar Gowd’s volume of resplendent works indicates a refreshing return to tradition that has been reinvigorated with zest, vitalized vision, and reinvention and redefinition, each of which finds symbolic expressions that are gloriously simplistic but amazingly expressive. Interestingly, each traces an overwhelming influence of epics that blend with puranic and mythical narratives. 

It is in keeping in mind his popular works and bringing a rare collection for the lovers of art to enjoy sublimity in one place that Kalakriti Art Gallery is presenting Dashavatara 'DIALECTICS OF TRADITION' by Giridhar Gowd.

In his own words, the multiple award-winning and hugely acclaimed Giridhar Gowd says, “I have developed an immense interest in stories, poems and historical legends since the time I was introduced to it by my father in my childhood. I have always approached these legends not as religious or superstitious stories but as priceless epics, a treasure house of wisdom and as unique examples of the essence of life”. 

The show will formally be inaugurated at Kalakriti Art Gallery (468, Road.No:10, Banjara Hills) by 6.30pm on February 25 (Sunday) and will be on everyday from 11am to 7pm till March 20, 2018.

Giridhar Gowd asserts that showcasing works in Hyderabad bring immense joy to every artiste because the city has patrons and connoisseurs, who understand and salute the works of art with profound warmth.

Be there and get bowled over by his workmanship.

Thanking You. 

Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad

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