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Hala February Celebrated with Pride and Gusto


FAIPS-DPS celebrated Hala February–Kuwait National & Liberation Day on 20th February, 2018 with a lot of exuberance and ardour. It is an annual event celebrated in the spring season every year. The Special Assembly was ushered in by the recital of Holy Quran followed by the Kuwait National Anthem. Principal, Mrs. Anju Dheman made a humble beginning by a warm and heartfelt speech commemorating the Liberation of Kuwait.

Students of classes VI- VIII and IG rendered patriotic song and enthralled the audience. The eloquent anchors led the audience through the programme accompanied with lots of applause. 

The foot-tapping numbers of students dressed in colourful attire, mesmerized everyone present there. A  Special  Prayer for Kuwait was held  highlighting  the blend of culture and events. The graceful and synchronized movements of the students in a                      well-choreographed dance left the audience spellbound. The programme ended in a beautiful resonance lingering in the minds of everyone.

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