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National DayPathanamthitta District Association’s Music and Dance show held on 25th February evening at Marina Hall as a part of Kuwait’s National Day celebrations turned out to be a truly spectacular event worth to be treasured in heart forever. The feast of melodious songs of Malayalam Films  mellifluously recreated by the group of renowned Singers led by the evergreen Singer, M.G. Sreekumar in the company of  Abdulrahman, Mrudula Warrier and Sreya Jayadeep, and the exquisite rendition of classical dance with its seductive expressions by noted Sponsordancer and actress Dr. Tara Kalyan and her daughter Soubhagya Venkatesh were an unforgettable experience for Kuwait’s expatriate community.
The melodies enriched by  the  instrument music performed by the creative artists of Star Orchestra led by the exceptional talent of Anoop Kovalam, who does wonders with the keyboard,  fell like rain into the Associationeager minds of Kuwait’s expatriate community. The audience who filled the Marina Hall watched the well organized and superbly orchestrated programs with bated breath till the end.
The Mega event was inaugurated by Jleeb Al Sjuyouk Area Police Chief Colonel Ibrahim Abdul Razak Al Deel by lighting the traditional Lamp. Shri. Oommen George, Association’s Founder Member, and who served as Association’s President for many years and currently serving as Patron, was honored during the event in recognition of his role and immense contribution for the formation and growth of the OcassionAssociation. Jleeb Al Sjuyouk Area Police Chief Colonel Ibrahim Abdul Razak Al Deel presented him a ‘Plaque of Honor’ and  Association’s Advisory Board Chairman, Mr. Binu John Philip decorated him with the traditional “Ponnada”. In the public meeting held on the occasion and presided over by the Association President, Shri. K. Jayakumar.  General Secretary Murali Panicker welcomed the guests and Event Convener, P.T. Samuelkutty rendered Indian BankVote of Thanks.  Mr. Sanjay Sinha, Country Head of Event’s  Main Sponsor South Indian Bank and Mr. K.N. Rajeevan, Deputy Vice President of  Co-Sponsor Kotak Life also attended the inauguration  function.
Ms. Nikitha Murali Panicker, who excelled in Engineering Degree exams, Blood Donors Group of Kerala in Kuwait for their admirable and active performances in voluntary blood donation services, and Mr. Saji Koshy George, Kerala Hotel & Restaurant Association Member for his support to the Association in it’s HOPE Scholarship events in Kerala, were honored during the august occasion.
EffortsPathanamthitta District Association expresses its boundless  thanks and gratitude to the Main Sponsors South Indian Bank and Co-sponsors Kotak Life, Bahrain Exchange Co., NBTC Group, Indraneelam Builders, Ooredoo Group, Nexus General Trading, Al Mailem Group(ENOC), Five Star Co., TVS Travel & Tours, Curry Leaves Restaurant, and to all advertisers, Institutions and individuals who have supported and cooperated with the Association in organizing its mega event.
Bahrain ExchangeAssociation also expresses it’s gratitude to MUSIC Beats, who provided the audio visual effects to boost the quality and impact of the programs. 
Hridayathil Sookshikkan became a splendid show thanks to the relentless and untiring efforts, unflinching determination and dedicated commitment of the members of the Organizing and  Executive Committees of the Association and it’s leadership,  and the Association  appreciates and congratulates all for their invaluable contribution and exceptional efforts.

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