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Mahashivarathri-2018  performance of Pooja Varshini Raja

PoojaMahashivarathri is the auspicious event happening every year on the remembrance of Lord Shiva, the god of dance. On this occasion, Natyanjali – a  dance tribute to lord Shiva is held in Famous Shiva temples. The popular Natyanjali is the one which is being held at Chidamabram – Nataraja Temple.  Ms. Pooja Varshini Raja, a student studying 1rst year MBBS in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College - an NRI from Kuwait – who is also a   classical dancer, had performed in Chidambaram as well as in Pondicherry  during Natyaanjali-2018. She was accompanied by Guru.kalaimani. Mrs.Hemamalini  Raju  and artists ,Vocal- Vidwan  Velmurugan, Violin – Vidwan Sathesh 


and Mridangam Vidwan Madhu. She performed three items and the final item “nadarmudi mel irukuum nella pambe “ was splendid and got a standing ovation from the whole crowd. Briefing on Ms. Pooja Varshini, she has been learning classical dance when she was 4 years old. She has been learning from Guru Hemamalini Raju in India and Guru Rangashree in kuwait. She has finished her Arengretaram when she was studying 9th standard and has actively participated in many Saba’s in India since then. Her parents Mr. Raja Ganapathy and Mrs. Mahalakshmi Raja and Sister Ms. Preetha shivani and friends have supported her throughout                                                                                                                                     

 - Preetha Shivani Raja

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