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The rules for the IIT-JEE (Advanced) 2018 examination, to be held on May 20, have been framed based on the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE).

The test will be computer based for the first time. According to the initial proposal, candidates may be permitted to occupy their seats 30-40 minutes before the start of the examination, and can log in and start reading the instructions 20 minutes before beginning the test.

Candidates, however, will not be allowed to enter the hall after 9:30 am for the morning session and after 2:30 pm for the afternoon session. Neither can they leave the hall before the test ends. This was decided at the meeting of the IIT JEE sub-committee.

Among other proposals forwarded to the Joint Admission Board are providing scribble pads for rough work, which will have to be submitted afterwards. “Candidates will not be allowed to tamper with the computer system provided to them or even the wiring. If found violating the rule, the student’s candidature will be cancelled,” said a source.

“A virtual calculator will be available on the computer screen during the examination. Students can only use it during the examination. This time the candidates have been barred from using their own calculators, mobile devices, watches or even electronic devices,” added the source.


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