FAIPS Kindergarten Graduation Day


The young hearts of happy and contented children are the “Reflections of joy”! It was evident on the evenings of 12th and 13th March 2018 when the F.A.I.P.S. stage was resounding to the rhythm of music and dance against an emotional nostalgia. The ceremony began with the recital of the Holy Quran and the national anthem followed by the lighting of the traditional lamp.  Dr. Tahseen,   Dr. Riyaz, Mr.Natarajan, Mrs. Nuna Goel and Ms. Bushra graced the occasion.  This year, FAIPS KG indulged the kids in the “Dances of the World” showcasing   the melodious theme of unity and harmony which transcends boundaries and unites the globe … we only need ‘One Love’ in this ‘One World’. The students rejoicing in the glory of their graduation gowns and adorning the graduation caps walked confidently and made a grand bow to their proud parents ….. It was indeed an emotional journey for all -the students, the parents and for the teachers. Salutations!!


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