WFKWriters’ forum, Kuwait (WFK) dedicated an evening to bid farewell to Mr. Afroz Alam Urdu Poet and Vice President of the Writers’ Forum, Kuwait on 23rd March 2018 in Fahaheel at the residence of Mr. Shakeel Jamshedpuri.

Afroz Alam decided to leave Kuwait for good and to take up a challenge in the new venture at Dubai, India and Muscat. Afroz has been an active member of the Writers forum since 2005. He is an Urdu WritersPoet and is well known internationally for his command over the language and metaphors in his poetry. Ghazal is the most loved format of his compositions. He however, has written Nazms, Short Stories, articles and published six books so far which have been well received by the Urdu Literature. His anthology titled as “Dhoop ke Alam men” was published in Devnagri script and was well accepted in the field of literature.

The evening was presided over by the Hindi Poet and WFK advisor, Mr. Umesh Sharma and businessman Mr. Mohan Singh was the Chief Guest. Hindi Poet, Mr. Aamer Diwan conducted the proceeding.

The program began with warm welcome and best wishes by members to the Mr. Afroz Alam for his future endeavors after which Mrs. Maimuna Ali Chougle, President of the WFK, and Mr. Umesh Sharma presented the plaque of honor to Mr. Afroz Alam on the behalf of the Writers Forum. 

LiteratureMaimuna, in her address, gave an excellent account of the work done by Afroz Alam in the field of Urdu literature. She mentioned that the Writers Forum is going to miss him as a member of integrity, simplicity and high stature.  Other members also expressed their mixed feelings of happiness and sadness on this occasion including Mr. Aamer Diwan, Mr. Sayeed Nazar Kadapawi, Madhulika Mohta, Mr. Shakeel Jamshedpuri etc. As a matter of fact, the whole atmosphere was charged with high emotions.

Mr. Afroz Alam extended thanks to every member individually and informed that his new venture will cover Dubai, Muscat and India. He may also be visiting Kuwait frequently in future.

The event was followed by the poetry recital by the members present.  

Mr. Umesh Sharma in his presidential note, highlighted contributions made by Mr. Afroz Alam to the Writers’ Forum, Kuwait and appreciated his efforts of writing on various aspects of life and social issues. 


Sharma appreciated his efforts to initiate joint ventures of the Writers Forum, Kuwait with Maurya Kala Parisar, Kuwait and Embassy of India, Kuwait. Participations of WFK added laurels to the glory and prestige of WFK.   

Those who participated in the meeting were;

Afroz Alam, Umesh Sharma, Mohan Singh, Maimuna Ali Chougle,   Ali Chougle, Aamir Diwan, Sayeed Nazar Kadapavi, Ibrahim Sange Qasid, Satya Narayan, Shakeel Jamshedpuri, Madhulika Mohta, Chhaya Thakkar, Ameer Uddin Ameer and Biswa Ranjan    

Mr. Amir Diwan thanked all the members for their active participation and the host for his hospitality.                                               

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