Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF) conducted Curtain Raiser for 9th TICE & 2nd EEA @ Radisson Blu

Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF) Kuwait, the One & Only ISO certified, non-profitable, voluntary service organization in the region had organized Curtain Raiser function to announce its forthcoming flagship programs: 2nd Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) and 9thTechnological Innovations Conference & Exposition (TICE) on 4th November 2018 @ Radisson Blu, Kuwait.

Engr. Nadia Bader Al-Hajji, Deputy Chief Executive Officer-KIPIC, was the chief guest of the Curtain Raiser event held on 29thMarch 2018 at the Al-Haeshmi hall of Radisson Blu hotel.

Mr. Ali Al Aradi, Chairman –Al Hana Group of Companies, Engr. Mansour Al-Saed, CEO-TransW, and dignitaries from various Industries & Service providers attended the event with the

sponsors of the event M/s. Siemens-Kuwait & M/s. KMMC. It was a great evening with an overwhelming participation.

TEF General Secretary Engr. P. Sethu Madhavan had delivered the welcome address, welcomed the dignitaries and briefed about journey of TICE & EEA in TEF.

TICE launched in the year 2010, has now become a globally renowned conference and currently, the only conference in Kuwait aimed at addressing the challenges with innovative technologies and solutions.

This year 2018, 2nd Engineering Excellence Awards competition will be conducted to recognize the achievements in Engineering, among the industries and highlight the achievements from members of the engineering communities in Kuwait including young Kuwaiti Engineers.

Engr. Nadia Bader Al-Hajji, DCEO-KIPIC formally inaugurated the Curtain Raiser event & released the brochures for the 9th TICE and 2nd EEA standing beside the dignitaries and Ex-Presidents and Ex-Secs of TEF on the dais. During her keynote address, she outlined the importance of embracing technologies, which is the key to success of industrial growth. She appreciated TEF’s Voluntary initiatives and for introducing Engineering Excellence Awards and its efforts in conducting annual Conference to bring innovative technologies to Kuwait.

The theme of the Conference “EMBRACE THE THRIVING TECNOLOGIES” was formally announced to the audience with its importance to the present scenario of fluctuating Oil prices.

Mr. Ali Al-Aradi, Chairman – Al Hana Group of Companies

delivered the special address of the event.  Engr. Mansour Al-Saed, CEO TransW shared his thoughts on the theme “EMBRACING THE THRIVING TECHNOLOGIES” with an excellent presentation, which was well appreciated by the audience.

All dignitaries, patrons and sponsors shared their wishes for the grand success of 2nd EEA and 9th TICE in November 2018. As a token of appreciation, all the dignitaries were presented with a memento.  

Engr. Ashokkumar, Joint Secretary TEF, thanked all the Dignitaries, Patrons, Sponsors, Tefians and Radisson Blu management for their participation and support to make the program a grand success.


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