Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF) Kuwait organized Industrial Visit for the Member’s Family

TEF organized Industrial Visit (25th March 2018 to 2nd April 2018) for TEF Member’s Children & Spouses to KDD & KITCO to know about Safety, Quality and Hygiene followed in an Industry.

The participants found the trip very informative and a useful way to spend the school vacation.

TEF thanked the management of KDD & KITCO for the wonderful arrangements and the coordination by the TEF volunteers during the industrial visit was highly appreciable

TEF-1.jpg TEF-10.jpg TEF-11.jpg TEF-12.jpg TEF-13.jpg TEF-14.jpg TEF-15.jpg TEF-16.jpg TEF-17.jpg TEF-18.jpg TEF-19.jpg TEF-2.jpg TEF-20.jpg TEF-22.jpg TEF-23.jpg TEF-24.jpg TEF-25.jpg TEF-3.jpg TEF-4.jpg TEF-5.jpg TEF-6.jpg TEF-7.jpg TEF-8.jpg TEF-9.jpg TEF21.jpg


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