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Indian Doctors Forum elects New Office Bearers for 2018-2020


The new team of Office Bearers of Indian Doctors Forum (IDF) was elected unanimously for a term of two years, in the recently concluded IDF Annual General Body Meeting at Regency Hotel on 27th April 2018.

This team is headed by Dr. Surendra Nayak who was elected as the President.

The Members of the new team are

President:                                 Dr. Surendra Nayak

Vice-Presidents:                        Dr. Diwakara Chaluvaiah and Dr. Madhu Gupta

General Secretary:                     Dr. Mohan Ram

Treasurer:                                  Dr.Rajendra C. Mishra

Jt. General Secretary                 Dr Arun Joshi

Jt.Treasurer:                              Dr. Asit Mohanty

Cultural Secretary:                     Dr. Antony Sebastian D’cruz

Jt. Cultural Secretary:                 Dr. Naquib Inamdar

Secretary, Community Services: Dr. Sunny Joseph Varghese

Jt. Secretary, Community Services: Dr. Susovana Sujit Nair

Secretary, Membership:             Dr. Shahed Khan Pathan

Web Manager:                           Dr. Imtiyaz Nawaz

Asst. Web Manager:                   Dr. Sateesh Tadepilli

AGMThe AGM and the Inauguration of the new team was held at Hotel Regency with the glittering function which was anchored by Dr. Pooja Chodankar.

This was followed by Presentation of medals to winners of Table-tennis competition (Mr. Tameem, Dr. Aravinda Rao, Arushi Joshi and Arjun Trikha) and presentation of prizes to winners of fancy dress competition held for children.


A warm Farewell was given to Dr. Jaitha John, Dr. Bobby Cherian and Dr. Qutub Jamali with mementoes.

The CEO Dr. Hasan Khan then announced the results of the election for the new IDF Office bearers for 2018-2020.

ElectionThis was followed by Acceptance speech by new President Dr. Surendra Nayak. He stressed the pivotal role of IDF in providing services to the community members in need through IDF Health camps, Health education seminars, Annual Health Guides and recently introduced IDF Health assistance funds. He informed about the upcoming health camp & an educational lecture next week. He thanked the Indian Embassy, KMA and organization for their continued Healthsupport and patronage. He also thanked the IDF members and family for their tireless effort and support in all IDF activities.

The Vote of thanks at conclusion of official function was given by Vice President Dr. Diwakara.

This was followed by Cultural Program which included Singing performance by renowned playback singer from India Mr. Ravindra Prabhu along with IDF artists And ​a scintillating Punjabi Bhangra performance by Shaan E  Punjab troupe.

The program ended with a sumptuous & delicious Banquet dinner prepared by the master chefs of hotel Regency. 

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