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Teach MeTEACH ME is a Teaching-Learning activity which cynosures a learning experience to the students. The Indian Community School conducted this year’s first TEACH ME session on 29th April 2018. A zero period of 40miutes was allotted for the same which was divided into two slots of 20 minutes each. Two students from each class were given an opportunity to teach .The topic presented was based on the curriculum taught in the class .The Student-Teachers prepared a Lesson Plan in advance, used different teaching aids, tried different teaching Sessionmethodologies and formulated interactive classrooms. There was zest and ardency in the Classrooms. The students had a wonderful experience to outcast their talents and skills.

The most exciting part of the day was that the Student-Teachers were dressed up in colored dress .The Student-Teachers were judged by a panel of judges. The judging criteria were based on teaching aids, Studentlesson plan prepared, presentation and class control. Three best three TEACH ME presenters were selected from each class 7 to 12 respectively and were awarded with certificates.

These sessions will be conducted twice every month to inculcate confidence building in the pupils.   They are expected to not only build self-confidence but also enhance presentation skills. These will also encourage public speaking skills as well as leadership qualities, in addition to overcome ill at ease. The combined efforts of Teachers and Students proved to be a grand success. The students brusquely look forward to such sessions.

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