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Writers’ Forum, Kuwait holds Annual General Body Meeting 

WFKWriters’ Forum, Kuwait; more than 20 years old, renowned Multi Lingual association of Indian Writers & Poets in Kuwait, held the Annual General Body Meeting on 27th April’18 at Salmiya residence of Mr. Umesh Sharma to discuss various matters concerning the activities of association and to elect new Vice President.

The meeting was presided over by Mrs. Maimuna Ali Chougle; a very senior writer and the President of the Forum.

MembersThe meeting started with opening speech by Sunil Sonsi; the Joint Secretary wherein he presented the achievements during past one year. Mrs. Nazneen Ali; the Finance Secretary presented the Finance report of last an year.

The Vice President Mr. Afroz Alam has already left Kuwait for good and the space created due to this has been filled with Mr. S. Qamar PresidentMinto; a renowned Urdu poet. He was unanimously elected by all the members.

All the members of forum conveyed their support to Mr. Minto for the progress of the forum. This support was reciprocated by him with his heartiest thanks.

This was followed by speech by the President wherein she congratulated all the members for co operating with each other for smooth functioning of the forum. She also announced the planned activities for next one year including publishing next Multi Lingual poetry book

DiscussionDuring the general discussions, in addition to achievements, the shortcomings of the association and action plans for further improvement were also discussed by the members including Ali Chougle, Aamir Diwan, Ameeruddin Ameer, Ibrahim Sange Qasid, Mohan Singh, Dr. Navniit Gandhi, Nazneen Ali, Ravin Singh, Sabiah Bilgrami, Sabir Omer Galsulkar, S. Nazar Kadpawi, Shakeel Jamshedpuri, Sunil Sonsi, Umesh Sharma, Vibheesh Tikkodi, Vinay Purbia and Madhulika Mohta.

In the second session of meeting the members presented their poetry in different Indian languages.

The meeting was concluded with thanks to Umesh Sharma for hosting the meeting and with the exchange of pleasantries among the members.

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