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FAIPS-DPS celebrates ‘snapshots’ at  its

Interschool Photography Contest- Eternal Moments 2018

FAIPSFAIPS in its constant efforts to help students discover and realize their full potential, conducted the Third Inter-school Photography Competition-‘Eternal Moments 2018-19’ on 12th May, 2018 in its premises. 7 schools including the host school participated with a total of 79 participants and 157 exhibits. The contest gave the students an opportunity to display their innate skills in photography. The contest was held in Sub-junior (Grades 6 and 7),Junior (Grades 8,9 and 10) and Senior (Grades 11 and 12) categories on the themes, Animal Photo contestKingdom (Winner, Mithul Sridhar-FAIPS-DPS) Woman Power (Vasudev Kattikoloth-IES), Shots with Eyewear (Winner, Ben Joseph-CSK), Shots with the letter ‘F’(Winner, Sooraj Suresh-GIS), Colorful Shots (Winner, Sanjay Karthick-FAIPS), Amazing Architecture (Winner Moiesha Gupta-IES), Orange Shots (Winner,S hreya Vinod Kumar-IES), Metal Mania (Winner, Rohan Mathan Olikara-FAIPS), Chef’s EyewearRoom (Winner,Rohan Mathan Olikara-FAIPS-DPS), Phenomenal Seascape (Winner, Shibani Senthilbabu-FAIPS), Road and Path Photography (Winner, Aditya Vardini-IIS), Bokeh Photography (Winner, Alison Cardozo-FAIPS-DPS), New Beginning (Winner,Riddhisha Sevalkar-FAIPS-DPS), Astro Photography (Winner, Ismat Fatima Khan-FAIPS-DPS). Single Tree Shot (Sushyanth Sridhar-FAIPS-DPS).

JudgeThe event also included Spot Photography contest under the themes, Candid Shots of people talking on the phone (Sub-Juniors), Photos of photographers (juniors) and Shots of words and letters (seniors). The winners of Spot Photography were Vasudev Kaattikoloth-IES (Sub-Junior), Mahati Alladi-FAIPS-DPS (Junior) and Aditya Vardini-IIS(Senior).

CoolThe photographs were judged by an esteemed panel of judges which included renowned personalities from FQ8 Team, Mr. Bishara Mustafa & Mr.Shafirmon and Mr. Mustansir-representative of Nikon School from Ashraf &Company. The Guest of Honour was Mr.Sunoj Nambiar, Chief Editor of IIK. All the enthusiastic participants were given a free session by Nikon School on the basics FAIPSof DSLR. The winners of Spot Photography were awarded a D5200 Nikon Camera Kit sponsored by Ashraf & Company, along with a valuable training session by FQ8 Team.

The event showcased the impeccable talent of the budding photographers and an unstinted effort on the part of the sponsors to encourage talent and awareness. The event marveled the spectators to watch the young photographers honing their skills with such passion. Special appreciation to the entire FAIPS Organizing team headed by Mrs. Husena Ali Asgar.

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