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National Integration Cultural Show

by Indian Frontliners Kuwait

Part 21 - “Indian Medical Achievers Globally” book released

IFLIndian Frontliners, Kuwait celebrated its Annual function on Friday May 11, 2018 evening at The Cambridge English School, Mangaf, Kuwait. It was a grand mega evening where an enthusiastic crowd gathered to make the IFL 21 year’s event a grand success in which National Integration cultural feast, dance, game show, Guest address etc., were the special attractions of the day.

part21The function started with the traditional lighting of kuthuvilakku by cultural team and Guests, followed by the National Integration cultural feast with variety of dance programs by young children Colorfulcovering  with various language mix, sequences, medley, cinematic etc., and many more adding traditional flavor to the show.

LanguageIt was joyous and colorful that made the crowd enjoys every bit of it. The national integration was well exhibitedthroughout the event. The entire crowd was enthralled with the game show made by Mrs. ArchanaArchana, popular South Indian TV Anchor/actress. Ms. Abinayasri and Mr. Jerome exhibited the thundering dances with their flexible movements.

Guest of honor Dr. Fajila Azad, Life Coach and hypnotist and Mr. Noorullah, Journalist addressed the gathering. IFL WinnersPresident Mr. Asad Khan presented the welcome address with briefed about the Indian Frontliners Services rendered to the community.

CommunityIndian Frontliners Part 21 book on “Indian Medical Achievers globally” and the Indian Frontliners Souvenir for the year 2018 was released by Indian Ambassador H.E. Shri Jeeva Sagar. Copies of the book and souvenir were received by the Indiansponsors and other eminent supporters.

Special address was delivered by Dr. Mustafa Al-Mousawi, Chairman of Organ Transplant Center, Kuwait and he was thrilled toMathi be a part of such an excellent community in Kuwait.

IFL honored Dr. S.M. Hyder Ali, Chairman TVS Hyder Group and Mr.Asad khan for their social services and continuous support to the Community. Also Mr. S. Ramadoss, CEO, Global Technology Company was honored for receiving Kerala“Pravasi Bharathi (Kerala) Karma Sreyas” Award this year.

Mementoes were distributed to the sponsors as a token of acknowledgement, love and honor for their all-time support.

Gifts were distributed to all the children and choreographers of the cultural show. A raffle draw was conducted on the stage and on the spot prizes was distributed to the winners.

Mrs. Priya Ambalavanan, Mrs. Vijaya Priya Ramanan andDr. Devi Priya compeered the show professionally.

IFL  Founder  – writer  N.C.Mohandoss with  General secratry Mr.K.Mathi and  ,Organising team  Mr.Raja  thanked all the sponsors for their ongoing continuous support for the event.


Kudos to Indian Frontliners team…………………..

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