Ghbaqa 2018

DirectorsIndia Doctors Forum (IDF) in Kuwait organized Ghabqa 2018 at the Regency Hotel on Wednesday 30th May. IDF has been celebrating this significant social event every year during Ramadan for the past 15-years. This is one of the most important event in the myriad of activities conducted by IDF every year. This year’s Ghabqa was attended by member from Masterthe royal family Sheikha Dosairi, the ambassador of South Korea to Kuwait, HE Mr. Hong Young Ki, Dr. Fuad Hasan Ali, Former Dean, Faculty of Medicine at Kuwait University, directors of various government and private hospitals, heads of departments, senior Kuwaiti doctors, officials from the ministry of health and other ministries, Indian and Kuwaiti Kuwaitbusinessmen, prominent Indian Association leaders and a large number of IDF members and their families. India’s ambassador to Kuwait HE Shri K. Jeeva Sagar graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. IndianPresident of Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) Dr. Ahmed Thuwaini Al Enezi was invited as the Guest of Honour. The event started by singing the national anthems of Kuwait and India, after a brief introduction by the master of ceremony Dr. Arun Joshi, Joint General Secretary of IDF about the beautiful tradition of Ghabqa as part of Ramadan practiced in the Middle East that is unique in the whole world. The event was blessed by a soulful, melodious recitation from the holy Quran by TraditionMohammad Faaiz, a 12-year old student of 8th standard. In his welcome address Dr. Mohan Ram, General Secretary of IDF welcomed the dignitaries and guests. The president of IDF Dr. Surendra Nayak wished everyone a blessed Ramadan. He thanked the Amir, the Crown Prince, the government and the people of Kuwait for their continuous support and encouragement to the Indian Community in Kuwait and to IDF, its activities and members. He also deliberated upon the patronage and guidance received from KMA to whom IDF is Divinityaffiliated. He briefly explained about the various activities carried out by IDF such as health camps for the needy, health seminars, school health programs, health quiz, publishing of a comprehensive health guide on a specific health issue written in a simple language by experts for the general public every year. A special spiritual Ramadan message was given by Dr. Hasan Khan, who expounded in details the concept of fasting during Ramadan and its unifying presence and importance in all major religions of the world. He also explained about the other important Tenetsaspect of Ramadan that is charity by giving while living by citing some examples. A most touching message was for everyone to give respect and take care of one’s parents and elderly people. The chief guest HE Shri K Jeeva Sagar spoke eloquently about the role of doctors and how this noble profession beautifully connects with the concept of one of the main tenets of Ramadan i.e. service to the fellow human beings.  He also talked peopleabout how the profession of medicine and divinity are inexorably connected to each other. The guest of honour Dr. Ahmed Thuwaini Al Enezi expressed his feelings and views about the quality, calibre, and dedication of service by Indian doctors for all the people in Kuwait. He elaborated this point by quoting examples from his own personnel association and experience while working and learning from them, or while seeing them treat people Learningincluding his own family members. From amongst the many invited guests Dr. Amal Khudr, Consultant Gynecologist at Farwaniya Hospital explained beautifully the significance and the main tenets of Ramadan i.e. charity, service, fasting. Former Vice Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Hussain Dashti (Surgery), spoke very highly of his knowledge and association with India and ColourfulIndian culture especially the Hindi cinema. A highly interesting and educative quiz based on events, characters, and teachings of Quran related to Ramadan was expertly conducted by Dr. Madhu Gupta, Vice President, IDF. The audience participated enthusiastically. The children of IDF members participated in a fancy dress show of colourful Indian dresses from different regions of India that brought lot of cheer, excitement and joy to everyone. All participating children were given special gifts, prizes and also the Girgian gifts. Dr. Diwakar Chaluviah, vice President of IDF gave the vote of thanks and expressed sincere heartfelt gratitude to the chief guest, guest of honour, distinguished Kuwaiti and Indian guests. He pointed out that presence of large numbers of Kuwaiti guests was a testimony to the excellent age old warm relations between the peoples and cultures of Kuwait and India, and the respect, care and support Indian community and all expatriates enjoy in Kuwait. The program ended with a grand buffet dinner.

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