A total of 8,149 bottles of imported liquor worth half million dinars intended to be sold during Eid holidays was confiscated at Shuwaikh Port. Investigations have been launched to find and arrest the individuals responsible for smuggling such large quantity of liquor bottles. A member of Media Committee and Inspection Supervisor Mosaed Al-Helali explained that customs officers at Shuwaikh Port received information about a container with liquor bottles arriving at the port from a GCC country.

They coordinated with Farwaniya securitymen and kept a track on the movement of the shipment. The container arrived at the port on Monday, and it was taken to a store in south of Kuwait. The liquor bottles were confiscated and the laborers of the store were arrested for investigations. According to sources, low-level employees such as drivers and laborers will end up in prison for such crimes while the kingpins will remain in hiding. They revealed that the statement of customs officers revealed that 8,149 imported liquor bottles of different types were confiscated, while Farwaniya securitymen said 4,500 liquor bottles were confiscated.-A.T.


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