A recent economic study showed that the presence of Mubarak Port, a cargo airport and an industrial zone requires the provision of supporting logistics services, so it was suggested to build a logistics services zone over an area of 2.7 sq km on Boubyan island to serve around 8.1 million containers, which can be expanded in the future. The study also expected logistics service prices to be highly competitive with a low cost of electricity.

Furthermore, the study by the Durar team expected the zone’s revenues to reach KD 1,267,023,500, its construction cost to be KD 1,017,857,143 and the total job opportunities it will provide to be 16,109. The study also highlighted that since transportation is the lifeblood of regional and international economies, it would be highly significant to provide all types of land and marine transportation options on Boubyan Island to help turn it into a regional commercial hub. In addition, the study showed that the cargo airport would be built over an area of 6 sq km with a total cost of KD 41,787,500 and expected revenues of KD 43,920,635.-K.T.


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