Bishop Moore College Alumni Association Kuwait elected new Office Bearers


Bishop Moore College Alumni Association Kuwait conducted its annual general body meeting at Popins Hall, Abassiya. President Mr. Jerry John Koshy  presided over the function. General Secretary Mr. Jobin John offered welcome address to the audience and presented annual report. 
The audited Finance report of the year 2016-18 was presented by Treasurer Mr. Mathew Karoor. Mrs. Pournami Sangeeth  expressed vote of thanks for all those who participated in the Annual General Body meeting. The General body Meeting unanimously elected the following office bearers and executive committee members for the year 2018-19.

Sam Pynummood (Patron), Advisory Board Members - Babuji Bethery, Anil Kumar Ravi, Tom Jacob, A.I. Kurien, John M.V.

Parimanam Manoj (President),  Babu Gopal (General Secretary) Sangeeth Somanath (Treasurer), Lekha Shyam (Vice President), Pournami Sangeeth (Jt. Secretary), Shyam Sivan (Jt. Treasurer), John Mathew (Auditor).

Committee Members :-  Mrs. Dhanya Lekshmi, Fransics Cherukol, Jayakumar S., Jerry John Koshy, Jobin Babu, Jommy Abraham, Mathew Karoor, Pramod Kunjumon, Satheesh C. Pillai, Shaiji Tharakan, Ajith Thomas.

Those who have studied at BMC and are interested to join us may please contact 97542985 for further details.


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