Kuwait’s health ministry has put an emergency response plan in place after 281 people came down with food poisoning from consuming tainted falafel served by a local restaurant.The number of people poisoned from food sold by a restaurant in Hawally Area has risen to 287, Ministry of Health confirmed Saturday. It however said most of the cases were discharged from hospital, while 53 people were admitted.

The MoH said in a statement 192 people went to Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital, 21 to Al-Amiri Hospital, 23 in Farwaniya Hospital, 17 in Al- Jahra Hospital, six in each of Al-Sabah and Al-Adan Hospitals, while private hospitals received 22 people.The MoH activated its emergency plan earlier following the food poisoning which broke out Saturday. As per the ministry’s emergency response plan, she said that all specialists and physicians have been called in to provide urgent medical care to the patients, none of whom appear to be in critical condition.-KUNA


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