Undersecretary of Ministry of Electricity and Water Eng Mohammad Boushahri revealed that consumption of electricity on Monday, July 9 was 13,790kw, and the temperature that day was 49 degree Centigrade. In a press release issued by Eng. Boushahri on the sideline of his meeting with the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies which was aimed at finding solutions for the obstacles facing cooperative societies, he said he is expecting the level of consumption to reach a height of 14,500 kilowatt.He affirmed that the total production of electricity is about 16,000 kw, which is higher than the consumption, revealing that the challenge that the ministry is facing is taking the necessary actions in case any of the power plants suffer an outage. He said the costs of electricity have changed based on law No. 20/2017 except for the private residential sector, highlighting the flexibility of the ministry in terms of the gradual enforcement of the costs.

Eng Boushahri stressed that the cooperative societies are considered as commercial bodies in terms of electricity and water prices because they obtain commercial licenses, revealing that the electricity costs for cooperative societies have been increased from 2 fils to 5 fils, and the costs of water have been increased from 800 fils to KD 2 per 1,000 imperial gallons. He said the cost of electricity, if cooperative societies were considered as governmental bodies, would have been 25 fils, and water price would be KD 4 per 1,000 imperial gallons.He criticized the extravagant consumption of water especially for washing the cars and yards of houses, stressing that the enforcement of judicial arrest is valid. He revealed that a violation was issued against a governmental body. He indicated about implementing the new prices gradually, and it will take about two years to figure out the consequences of enforcing the new prices of electricity and water.-A.T.


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