A Cadaver of a Indian, dead one month ago at Kuwait  has been sent  to Mother land after big struggle.

Mr.Rajaraman aged 31 son of Mr.Ganapathy and Mrs.Indrani from Nallur Inchikolai near Kumbakonam was working in Kuwait for many years as a driver.

He got married in March and  returned to Kuwait after two months on May 25 and on June 8 he passed away.

The information was given by his friends to his family members, all of them were shocked by the news. They seeked help from the District collector to bring back the body to his native and that news was highlighted in Tamil news papers also.

Indian Embassy and Indianfrontliners service  organization's  secretary Mr.Keerani Mathi after investigation came to know that it was a case of suicide.

His sponsor was out of country during that time and it was very difficult in sending the cadaver to the Motherland.  Indian Embassy at Kuwait and Indian Frontliners  Mathi took great effort with  his friends Mr. Senthil kumar, Aliyar , sister Valarmathi, Mr.Alibai, Mr.Ravichandran and TVS Group Mr.Arif and Mr.Ramajayam gave their helping hands.

They  took great efforts covering all expenses to send the cadaver on Wednesday , 11th July from Kuwait to Trichy and from there it will be taken  by Ambulance to his native place for final rites. 




---- by:H.Anushya

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