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RAJESH KUMAR A young business tycoon having a slogan behind his key of success -  “When you believe in yourself ,Everything will be possible ”                                                                                       --By Ms.Vijaya Nair What makes a man so successful figure? Is it his wealth? His humanita..
Dr.Babu I. Razack Success at your door steps! He is not a true believer of luck but he believes that hard work is the mother of good luck. Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is achieved- Swami Vivekananda by-   Dr.Devipriya   It was a great day for Babu I. Razack on 17.12.2017 at Madurai where his dream was becoming true. Since he was conferred Honorary Doctorate Degree D.Litt., by International Tamil U..
Dr. Fajila Azad (d.lit) Life coach & Hypnotist   "First for fun, in work, second to none"  She has broken the glass ceiling and paved the way for many women in our society to reach higher.         -by Sindhu Vimal The heart is the base of humanity and yet it is such a fragile muscle which can be hurt with a single word. A simple misunderstanding between two parties could sometimes lead to war, and in..
Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss Former Union Health Minister, Govt. of India Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, former union health minister, currently a member of the Indian parliament (MP) and the youth wing president of the Pattali Makkal Katchi. Serving office as the youngest cabinet minister at 35, Anbumani led the ministry for health and family welfare from 2004 to 2009 part of the UPA. The former union hea..
Thomas Mathew Kadavil --A dedicate grass root migrant social worker considers serving the needy fellow beings is the mostPassionate and enjoyable work in life--- by Hari Lakshmanan Mr. Thomas Mathew Kadavil, based in Kuwait, is a veteran social worker, journalist and respected civil society leader, a strong advocate for labor and human rights issues of migrant workers and their families and migrant-i..
Mr. Jeeva Sagar, Ambassador of India A 1991 batch Indian Foreign Service Officer, Ambassador Jeeva Sagar presented his credentials to His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on 22nd January 2018. Before arriving in Kuwait he was heading the Multilateral Conferences Division in..
Dr. Paul Manuel A villager’s achievement who disproves the argument that the students from rural backgrounds are under-privileged in competitive exams . &n..
Prof. SHANTHA SINHA CHILDREN’S RIGHTS ACTIVIST an amazing woman who is tireless in her efforts to rescue children from abuse and safeguard the right of every child to be well-educated, free, and happy. Although she has been described as “reserved” and “shy,” Professor Shantha Sinha is bold and outspoken when it comes to issues of social justice &nd..
PROF. BALA V. BALACHANDRAN Founder and Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, India J. L. Kellogg Distinguished Professor (Emeritus in service) of Accounting and Information Management,Northwestern University, Illinois, USA Executive Professor and Strategy Advisor to the Dean, Bauer College, University of Houston, Texas, USA Bala Balachandran began his teaching career in 1960 w..
Dr. Waseem Ahmad Siddiqi A scientist by profession, A writer by passionwith full of dedication, honesty, courage and a man of simple living. - by Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Khan Dr. Waseem Ahmad Siddiqi, a person full of dedication, honesty and courage and a man of simple living. He does not have any feelings of pride but feelings of self-respect and sobriety are deeply rooted within him. Dr. Siddiqi, a..
Dr. M K Subhash Chander A multi faceted personality with long expertise in HR field and jewels of experience.  HR, OD Interventions, Coach, Talent Development& Motivational Speaker Nothing so destroys the heart as the knowledge that you had the chance to manifest the gorgeous potential within you and you refused to accept the call! Dr.SubhashChander is a multi faceted personality with long expertise in HR field and je..
Salman Khurshid Former Minister of External Affairs, Law and Justice - Govt of India Vists Kuwait to attend IFL 20 function Shri Salman Khurshid is a famous politician who has been active in the Indian political arena for almost three decades. He was the Union Cabinet Minister of External Affairs in Government of India. He is a celebrated author and a lawyer who has been a key member of Congress since the tim..
D Sivanandhan I.P.S(Retd)- D.G.P,Maharashtra Former Commissioner Of Police,Mumbai - by Dr Radhakrishnan Pilla..
Rangaraj Pandey A brilliant journalist and one of the most popular news personalities on Tamil TV as a “Star TV Anchor”., is originally from Bihar.                                                   -by  A.K.Babu I.Razack Rangaraj Pandey is a quite popular figure in Tamilnadu not because he is a political leader or cine personality but because of his charismat..
KAVI PRIYA ANANDAN a young achiever, globally acclaimed enterpreneur, Author, Classical dancer, humanitatian and acknowledged filmmaker &nb..
Aijaz Ahmad Sarfaraz . “It is essential to build a relationship with all. To be with them in their needs as well as in their happy times. For the progress and success in the life required to keep everything organized and to do the work with the full responsibility and commitment” &..
Dr. V. BINUMON An expert in Interpersonal skills he constantly Networks with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances across the Globe &..
K. VIJAY KUMAR, I.P.S. Senior Security Adviser in Ministry of Home Affairs (India) Former Director-general of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)                                                           -by A.K.BABU I. RAZACK The etymology Mr. Vijay Kumar, a high profile bureaucrat developed for IPS is 'Ideal Public Service' when all of us understood..
Ashok Kumar Angural, ITS “Any Task Can Be Successfully Completed, If One Can Deal The Task, With Perfection And Sincerity". &nb..
Rajkumar Rengaraj “Success through honest approach would last long though it might be time consuming but success through short-cuts could be fast but might bring you down sooner or later”. &n..
C. SABU Vice President, NSH Kuwait “NSH Believes In Employees’ Ability To Succeed And We Continue With Them In Their Learning And Growing Path”. Team work coupled with “no compromise in safety and quality” is the platform that carries NSH, the single largest employer in the Middle East, accommodating closely 100,000 members, majority from India. It is realized, through on the job a..
Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Chairman of Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Group “A simple soul, who is full of compassion, love, vision and a lion hearted charity-minded focus to fellow human beings” ..
Anant Kapadiya “With strong determination and perseverance continues with his mission to  promote “brand India” in Kuwait”                                                                            -by  Akshara Born and raised in a family well known as eductionists in Hyderabad Anant Kapadiya had his initial schooling  i..
J P BANSAL 'Life itself a challenge, if we are ready to face the challenge, we can win' NCM  & BABU  RAZACK 'Hard work, continuous effort, self-confidence and determination' - these are the keys for my sustained growth - says Mr. J. P. Bansal, Managing Director of ' Technocraft General Trading and Contracting Co. He belongs to a small town of Pataudi (a princely state of grandfather of late Mr. M.A.K. Pataudi,..
RAHUL SHARMA Classical musician of Hindustani classical music and the master of Santoor &nb..
Prof. Maraimalai Ilakkuvanar A Professor whom I admire,is a myriad talented personality, dedicated to the propagation of Tamil language and literature&n..
Savji Dholakia - Meet the cool boss from Surat who has gifted 400 flats and 1,260 cars to his employees as Diwali bonus Savji Dhanji Dholakia, born 12 April 1962, is the founder and chairman of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd., a Diamond manufacturing and exporting company with manufacturing units at Surat in Gujarat. His company currently exports finished diamonds to more than 50 countries directly from M..
S. Ramadoss “The will to succeed, self confidence , sincerity and hard work are the fundamental  keys to success”                                                        - by NCM & Rama Muthu "Education is very important for living and success. But only education will not suffice.Clarity in thinking, decision making, planning and execution in preci..
Humanity First Foundation (HFF) honoured Mr. Asad Khan, Managing Partner, KSCS - Kuwait with HFF award Humanity First Foundation (HFF) honoured Mr. Asad Khan, Managing Partner, KSCS - Kuwait with HFF award in their 4th HFF award function held in Mumbai recently. Humanity First Foundation (HFF), is a National Human Rights Organisation with 40,000 members and 1500 post holders all over India organized the fourth HF..
Ajit Doval National Security Advisor to India The great Indian spy who spent 7 years in Pakistan as a Muslim Ajit Doval, a highly decorated IPS officer of Kerala Cadre, who retired as Director Intelligence Bureau in 2005, has many interesting and daring stories credited to his stint with the Indian spy agency.Ajit Doval, the current National Security Advisor (NSA), considered as James Bond of India, ..
Varun Chandran Farmer’s son and College-dropout became a Tech Millionaire &nb..
ACHYUTA SAMANTA A Legendary Life with a Divine Mission -by N.C.Mohandoss & Dr.Devipriya Proving everybody wrong once again that one needs to be opulent in order to be able to help others, the prolific social architect Achyuta Samanta’s life affirms that one needs a good heart only to help others. If one is sincere, dedicated, makes sacrifices and stays c..
(We are shocked by hearing that Dr.Nampoory has passed away.Our heartfelt condolenses .We repeat our old published article as a Eulogy tohim.Let his soul rest in peace with the Almighty.) Dr. Nampoory “My life is filled with happiness and contentment and I consider that my foremost duty is ..
Sunoj Nambiar Developed IIK a successful platform for linking Indians, providing with relevant news and information. -by Gopala Raghavan. V B Any person coming in touch with Mr. Sunoj Nambiar would label him as a pleasant, simple, modest and unassuming individual. It would astonish him if and when he comes to know that Sunoj is the creator and brains behind www.indiansinkuwait.comor IIK, whi..
Srikanth Bolla The blind CEO who built a 50 crore company When Srikanth Bolla was born everyone 'advised' his parents to get rid of the kid as he was blind. But his parents, who were not affluent by any counts choose to take care of him, that too, to the best of their abilities and give him education. Twenty-three years later, Srikanth Bolla is standing tall living by his conviction that if the "world..
Dr. Tessy Thomas Missile woman of India Dr. Tessy Thomas, a scientist from India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), is a rare woman who has played a key role in the making of its most potent long-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile, the AGNI. She is thought to be one of the very few women working on strategic nuclear ballistic missiles in the world. In the male-dominated world of the c..
Gahmar A village where every family gives birth to a soldier A 90 km drive from Varanasi takes you to India's largest village Gahmar, in district Ghazipur. But that is not its only claim to fame. Clouds of golden earth rise before the sun does in Gahmar, as a platoon of barefoot runners pound the 10 km track, their accelerated heartbeat keeping time. Rain or shine, the group is there at ..
Mohamed Ghouse A bussinessman vs Social Worker developed a wide circle of friends and acquaintances &n..
Selvaraj / Srinivasan Bollywood Restaurant “Our success is due to our sincere approach to the business and the ability to provide quality food to our customers” -by Gopala Raghavan & K.Mathi The popular Bollywood restaurant was founded by Shri Selvaraj in 1999 in Maliya with the aim of providing quality food to customers, Bollywood quickly establi..
RAJENDRA SINGH THE “WATERMAN OF INDIA” Stockholm Water Prize / Ramon Magsaysay Award winner &nb..
Lakshmy Ramakrishnan "The compassion and empathy she has for the victims of social ills; the determination and resolve she holds to do whatever is possible to alleviate the suffering; The happiness and peace she feels when a wrong is righted or justice is done." &nbs..
Sundar Pichai CEO of Google Sundar Pichai, the man who runs Android, is now the CEO of Google, a Google that has morphed and become the part of a larger entity called Alphabet. Sundar Pichai was born in Chennai, India in 1972 to Tamil speaking parents Lakshmi & Regunatha Pichai. He is married and has a daughter. His father Regunatha Pichai was a senior electrical engineer for the British..
Bharat Ratna A.P.J. Abdul Kalam People’s president; extraordinary Indian; Missile Man of India &n..
Rashi Anand A Young social activist who took to 7 states her work for children & women We all nurture a passion but few translate it into action. A passion left unanswered results in a dry life; an act driven by passion can transform lives. This defines the journey of Rashi Anand and the dream she nurtures. Rashi is the founder of Lakshyam, an NGO working for street and underprivileged c..
Gouthama neelambaran Eminent Journalist & Novelist rendering unprecedented service for more than forty years in Tamil literary world &..
Susan Roy The Reign of Resolve byAnn Tissa Pallickal Over twenty years! That is how long Susan Roy has been the Principal of United Indian School..
S.M. HYDER ALI "Non-Stop Journey to Success" - by Ramani.VB & NCM Looking at Mr.Hyder Al..
Hirak Mukherjee Air-India’s Country Manager, Kuwait---a simple and pleasant person, who had served Air-India for well over three and a half decades. &nbs..
Editor Dr.R. Krishnamoorthy Honesty, strong character, humane touch together with politeness, serving people , glad involvement far beyond his elderly years are the hallmarks of Dr. R.K. ..
S.M. Arif Maricar Service to the public at large irrespective of caste, colour etc. is his Motto ..
M.Shayinshah Khan Experience is the best teacher in life - by S.M.Arif Maricar &am..
Muthusamy Rajamani "Put continuous efforts for achieving the goal and do not be vexed with failures while achieving the goal. The sufferings of childhood led him to achieve higher education and grow". - by Anand Mr.M.Rajamani , a Qualified Chartered Accountant and Fellowship of Insurance Institute of India, working as Senior Manager, Reinsurance Department of Warba Insurance Compan..
D. Sai Venkata Subba Rao “Self-Discipline is the cornerstone to success and as well networking with people is of utmost importance if you want to progress in your career” &nb..
HAMEED M RAFEEK “Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.” – Robin S Sharma &nbs..
Jaishankar Srinivasan Dedicated approach, strong will power, zeal to achieve tough tasks & with blessings of parents led to grow &nbs..
Desingraja Subramanian “Proud distinction of undertaking and successfully completing high risk and challenging jobs enabled to scale greater heights” ..
Dr. Roy Francis Dentists With An Interest in Community Services -By AshokSadu & NCM It’s rare to find a couple with the same profession, same thinking and keenness towards community service. Dr. Roy Francis and Mrs Aji Roy are such a couple who has been very successful and a role model as well. Dr. Roy is from Ollur a place near Thrissur, Kerala. His father late PR. Francis was a Congress party MLA repr..
The Feast Kings “Constantly endeavoring to tailor our menus to better define and express the culinary choices of our guests.”- Mughal Mahal ..
Thamizhachi Thangapandian “It is what you do during the journey that matters; Not what you accumulate and carry to the end” -Ra..
Mitesh Khatri Leadership Trainer, Author, Mentor & Friend ‘Motivation is to see people and organizations transform and to see them achieve the impossible‘ ..
Mahmood Akram World's youngest multilingual typist ..
John D’Silva The first Goan artiste to receive the first Yuva Srujan Puraskar Award from Art and Culture, Government of Goa for his immense contribution in the tiatr field. ..
Ashfaque Ahmed Khan President of Indian Cultural society,kuwait ‘Patriotism, love and kindness towards the society, encouragements to new talents, Help the needy people, & Respect the traditional and moral values ..' ..
Ravikanth Puducherri “Learning things quickly, adapting himself to the situation and with good inter personal relationship” -By Rama Muthukrishnan “Nothing in life can be achieved easily; but having achieved we tend to lose it, little realizing the value of it”- these are the opening words of Mr. Ravikanth, the founder president of Kuwait Telangana Samithi. “But I achieved everything after..
Sindhutai Sapkal A woman has the heart of a mother, a bigger one than that of a man Sindhutai Sapkal, a Marathi woman, the mother to more than a thousand impoverished children, the living legend and one of the most courageous personalities in India, started her life journey from the streets. Her nickname was ‘Chindi’ meaning ‘torn cloth’ in Marathi. She was named thus..
Mohammad Khan ‘Education Does Not Just Gives Everything; Must Take Risk and Face Challenges’ ..
Siddhartha Mukherjee A Person Who Treats Customers, Employees and Public With Respect and Courtesy. -by NCM & Ramani. VB We did spend an enjoyable and lively evening with Mr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, a veteran of 30 years in the field of insurance who deals with General Insurance Mr. Siddhartha Mukherjee is the Resident Manager of Oriental Insurance Company, one of the India’s largest non-life insurance co..
CA Lakshminarayanan R Politics is sacred, LET’S VALUE, the worth of values &nb..
Sethuraman Panchanathan Senior vice president for knowledge enterprise development, Arizona State University &..
Anju Dheman Chasing the Horizon The quest for dreams and success may seem endless, but the journey towards them makes all the difference in the world -ByAnn Tissa Pallickal A true passion for teaching that still burns bright and the will to find time to teach despite the demands of administration… This fire was kindled years ago …Family lineage… That’s how it all began for Anju Dheman, ..
Dr Shobha Vaddadhi The Voice of Indomitable Spirit 5 Values which everyone must cultivate – Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa should be used in a balance which is determined by one’s passion and position. ..
H.E.SUNIL JAIN (Indian Ambassador to Kuwait) The Simplicity, Sincerity, Humanitarian Approach As Well As The Experience and Skill of This Top-Notch Diplomat -by V.B.Ramani & Dr.Devipriya with NCM Who can be better qualified to represent India abroad than a person who cherishes the principle ‘Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah' (Non-violence is The Highest..
Dr.R.SEETHARAMAN Proud Indian ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dr. R. Seetharaman (www.seetharaman.org), Group Chief Executive Officer of Doha Bank, is a recipient of multiple doctorates from leading universities of the world, including a PhD in Global Governance by European University and Doctorate of Laws by Washington College. &n..
Brig Sushil Bhasin An Executive Trainer, A Corporate Facilitator, A Mentor and A Motivational Speaker -by Nasrin Ejner Brig Sushil Bhasin, served the Indian Army for over 34 years. From the elementary training of recruits at the grass root level to formulating training doctrine for the Indian Army at ARTRAC (Army Training Command), Brig Bhasin has been deeply involved in multiple training processes th..
Ajee .P. Varghese A simple, conscientious and well liked business person  ..
Dr. K. Kumar “Persistent hard work with dedication is the key for the ultimate success”i -by Pattukkottai Sathya Dr. K. Kumar, presently the Senior Scientist -Marine Resource Sector of the Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs, Government of Kuwait hailed from a small hamlet in the banks of the river Tamiraparani namely Navaladiyour, Srivaikuntam Taluk, Tuticorin ..
S. Sai Ramalingam - Traits such as honesty, righteousness and no short cuts, took deep roots in his mind & heart  ..
Ayyoob Kachery “I am part of a successful organisation and happy to be a part of others success.” &nbs..
Dr. Rajan Natarajan Deputy Secretary of State for Policy and External affairs, Maryland, USA Dr. Rajan Natarajan, a leading entrepreneur, has created history in Maryland by becoming the first Indian American to be appointed to a sub-cabinet level position in the state administration. He was appointed as Deputy Secretary of State for Policy and External affairs by Governor Martin O’Malley in June 2011. ..
Dr. CNR RAO - Head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India “Inspired a generation of young minds by showing what is possible under difficult circumstances with little external support” &n..
Alberto S. Fernandes Sporting and Enterprising Goan &nb..
Peeyush Jain Simple, Skilful, Energetic, Enthusiastic ..
Dipika Pallikal With an impeccable track record and has been a perfect role model for the nation. --Shibu Pallikal A natural athlete, Dipika Pallikal took a liking to squash at the age of nine after which there was no looking back for this Malayali girl living in Chennai. Determined to make it big, she left the comforts of her home at the age of 14 to train in Egypt under acclaimed coach Amir Wagh. She flourished under h..
Riddhiraj Kumar Today’s prodigy, tomorrow’s promise  ..
Malayil Moosa Koya an able administrator and a modest polymath Malayil Moosa Koya, an able administrator and a modest polymath, has contributed immensely to the growth of the school and is highly responsible for its present elevated status. He is a popular personality among journalists and educationists in both Kuwait and India. Early in life he set his eyes on a noble goal and has steadfastly worked towards its f..
Shikha Sharma Managing Director, CEO, Axis Bank -by Subbu Starting her career with the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) in 1980, Shikha Sharma was picked to head the life insurance division of ICICI when it became the first bank in the private sector to get a license to carry out the business of insurance. She was able to maintain a lead from the first day which ..
S. Sridhar Success has been savored but never allowed to get into head &..
Dr. B. Babu Manoharan ‘Simple living and high thinking’ Dr. B. Babu Manoharan has made a distinct mark in his career as a Founder Director of Sathyabama Engineering College and Director of St. Joseph’s College of Engineering. He has completed his M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D., in the field of Economics, in the University of Madras. He has about twenty four years of experience in the ..
K. GANGADHAR SHIRSATH PRINCIPAL, THE INDIAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL KUWAIT- KHAITAN - by shibu pallickal Mr. K. Gangadhar Shirsath, the principal, Indian..
Dr. T.R. Pachamuthu Chancellor of SRM University “Learn while you earn” gave him a great sense of dignity and strength. -by Subbu Dr. T.R. Pachamuthu is a well known Indian academician, best known as the founder and chancellor of SRM University. He is also the founder of the political party – “Indhiya Jananayaga Katchi”. TR Pachamu..
Ms. Chanda Kochhar Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ICICI Bank "Ranked fourth in the Fortune’s list of World's 50 Most Powerful Women 2013" -by Subbu Ms. Chanda Kochhar is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ICICI Bank Limited, India's second-largest bank and the largest in the private sector. She is widely recognised for her role in shaping ..
Roshan Lorena &nb..
Dr. Jagannathan Sarangapani Professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology - developed ‘brain’ for robots Dr. Jagannathan Sarangapani, an Indian-origin Professor at Missouri University in US has developed what could serve as brain to Autonomous machines reducing their dependence on Human. The System would allow robots to operate with minimal supervision something anal..
Raju C. Ninan "Achieve your goals through hard work and dedication" &n..
Mrs.Shantha Maria James Best Teacher Presidential Award Winner Mrs. Shantha Maria James, The Principal of Indian Central School Abbasiya,President of IndianFrontliners and the former chairperson of CBSE Schools Gulf Council is a great leader and the winner of thirty other International and National awards received the Best Teacher Award on 5th Sep 2013 form H.E. Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Honorable President of..
Arunima Sinha First woman amputee to scale Everest &nb..
VA Shiva Ayyadurai Inventor of Email VA Shiva Ayyadurai is a scientist-technologist, entrepreneur and educator. He is the inventor of email. In 1978, while a 14-year-old high school student he invented EMAIL, the world’s first email system, which was the full-scale emulation of the interoffice paper-based mail system, for which he was awarded the first US Copyright. He holds four degrees from ..
HARBAJAN SINGH VEDI Never to accept a NO for answer but YES is always welcome ..
Jonathan Fernandes Sky’s The Limit for Multi-Talented -By Gasper Crasto Young people have much to offer in making the world a better place. They are clever and tech-savvy and more engaged, and passionate than any other generation. Meet Kuwait-based Jonathan Fernandes, without question, one of the most unique and bold new voices in the world of music and art. Music has been a large p..
Dr. Palaniappan Senthamilarasu Paediatrician (Children Specialist) of The Next Generation -by S.Subbiah Dr. Palaniappan with Alia International Hospital in Mahboula, Kuwait in a short span of two years, has become very popular and is a very busy medical practitioner with a magic touch and has earned the goodwill of the parents community. He is a well-known personality not only in that region, but most of Kuwait and is ha..



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